Monday, 19 June 2017

One-to-One Reading Volunteers

Seated Left to Right - Liz Archer, Kathy Malmberg, Ingrid Plattmann, Arleyene Farnworth
Standing Left to Right - Leza MacDonald, Linda Hudy, Sonia Mason
Missing: Brenda Zakall
This past Monday, the One-to-One Reading Program volunteers got together to review the year and share their stories.  The overwhelming message from the volunteers was that they enjoyed their time with our students and found significant growth in each child's ability and willingness to read aloud.  Thanks to all of our students who participated in the program.  Special thanks to Sonia Mason who organizes all the training and schedules reading sessions.  We are extremely grateful for our volunteers who made this program a success.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Butterfly Release

Kelan and Laura Harty Free the Butterflies

Butterfly in the Wild
Several of our students were given Painted Butterfly kits this spring.  The project begins with a plastic container that holds a milky substance in which several small larvae can be seen crawling around.  The larvae eat the substance in the container and grow rapidly into caterpillars.  Eventually, the caterpillars climb to the lid of the container, hang upside down and form a chrysalis (cocoon).  Within a few days, they emerge as butterflies.  The culmination of the project is the release of the butterflies which is capture in the photos above.  We had a kit in our learning centre and it was fascinating to see the daily transformation of the larvae into caterpillars and the caterpillars into butterflies.  Thanks to all students for participating in this project.

Friday, 2 June 2017

YouLearn Yukon Visit

Yukon YouLearn Families in front of the White Pass & Yukon Route Train

This past week, YouLearn teacher Ernie Millward and principal Glen Heinrichs (me) had the privilege of visiting our YouLearn Yukon families.  We enjoyed the tremendous northern hospitality on display at each family home.  Everyone opened up their homes and hearts to us and shared their learning journey of the past year.  We are grateful for the many resources that were returned to us and that everyone is returning to our program next year.  A highlight of the trip was the train ride from Carcross to Fraser with a stopover in scenic Bennett.  Everyone had a great time spending time together and it was an added bonus that we had our own rail car!  It has been our privilege to partner with all of you in your child(ren)'s education.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Drumming Worskshop

Silvy Clarke at the Drumming Workshop in Kelowna

Once again, YouLearn students in the Okanagan (Oliver & Kelowna)were privileged to participate in a drumming workshop led by Bobby Bovenzi.  Bobby lives in School District 53 and is a sought-after drumming workshop leader who travels throughout the province.  Students learned a variety of drumming patterns on a great variety of percussion instruments.  One of the highlights was the re-creation of a frog pond complete with rain, frog calls, and a magic flute.  Bobby makes drumming a great deal of fun and gives everyone the confidence to believe they have rhythm inside them that longs to be let loose.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Too Early for Post-Secondary?

Recently, my children started migrating home for summer from their post-secondary institutions.  Three of my children are in post-secondary, two of my in-law children are studying and one child and one in-law have completed their post-secondary programs.  It got me thinking about post-secondary.  All of my kids are either in, or have completed, post-secondary programs.  I think there are some obvious reasons why this has happened.  
1.  My wife and I have always valued education and attended post-secondary ourselves
2.  We set up RESP's for them which instituted an expectation that they would go to college
3.  We made course choices in high school which led to post-secondary
I am sure there are many more reasons but I want to encourage all parents that the seeds of post-secondary are sown early.  The years fly by quickly!  Do your best to prepare your kids to have the option of post-secondary when the time comes.